Fatherhood: Passing the Time


It seems like I laid down for a quick nap and when I opened my eyes, G3 was three months old. I always heard that time really flies once your have kids… it is no joke, AT ALL. There are things that we’re excited to see our little man do but in the same breath, we want things to slow down!

Raising our first child [so far] is like having a front seat [well, technically a back seat right in the middle lol] to an unpredictable movie. We have an idea of the progression of a baby through the weeks, but the way it happens is different in each household. This little guy is hilarious! He is quickly becoming the most expressive person in our house. G3 has personality for days. From the 5-8 yawns it takes him to fully wake up in the morning to the “yeah yeah yeah, I don’t wanna hear that” stare off into the distance while you ask him about peeing his diaper.

I can already tell that his first words are going to be off the chain. He’s already showing us how bad he wants to talk. Little man is an ‘eye contact’ kind of guy [when you aren’t asking about his diaper] so if you sit him up and get a talk going, he’ll match you word for… baby sound. I like to think that I’m a happy guy, but this kid shows me how much I truly have to be happy for; from his huge, toothless smile that lights up this whole planet to the musical sound of his laugh.

What’s starting to hit home most for me at this point is noticing that G3 knows who we are… like really knows when he’s with me or Yohanna. We love being around our parents because it’s like a built in break. This time around, something was different. I could see him starting to reach out to us if someone else was holding him. I was in shock! You assume your kid loves you [and I’m sure he does] but to see that gesture, that genuine desire to be close to us really made my heart happy.