Fatherhood: A Growing Family

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Happy two months to our little man, G3! Having a child has been my most fulfilling accomplishment to date. Looking this guy in his eyes, seeing myself in his mannerisms, it’s a joy that only a parent could know. Now, although Yohanna and I have only physically had one child, my parental responsibilities started to take shape back in November 2017.

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Meet Bella! Our household protector (after me of course) and the most loving pitbull I have ever encountered. Bella is the first pet I have ever had, so I literally started from scratch with this one. But I learned so much, especially when she was a puppy. The awareness of what she needed although she couldn’t speak. Recognizing issues with her health without her making it obvious. And just picking up on her mannerisms, understanding her personality in our house. Now I will admit, having a pet and a child are very different, but I am touching on the responsibilities that set me up for what fatherhood would be like.

January 30 at 6:51am, our whole world shifted. This little ball of light came into our lives and it was full speed ahead from there! Our job as parents was tested two hours after his birth and I realized what parts of my role were most important, at least as far as these first couple of months were concerned.

As the father in our household, I believe my highest value has been my support. Stepping in wherever I am needed and keeping the stress levels low for mommy. At first sight, it doesn’t seem like much. I felt that way, too. But with all the changes still taking place in mommy’s body, along with this new person who needs everything we can give, being that pillar of support is paramount!

So whether it’s taking the night shifts, or cooking, or cleaning after a late night of work, our roles as fathers in the first few months of parenthood are vital to keeping the home train from derailing.