Expect More


Walls, barriers, hurdles, limits, some external, some internal. No matter the source, they can be so influential on our every day choices... if we let them. My new look, this evolution of my brand, is my first bold step through my "limits".

I am excited to be sharing this with you! Gerald Law Music took shape in 2014 as I prepared to end my Tallahassee [Tally] era and begin my next phase in Orlando, FL. These last three years have been filled with growth, great moments, new friendships, MARRIAGE, and so much more. Along with these were also disappointments, wasted time, doubt, fear, mistakes, and hiding. There's a powerful passage in the Bible [and I'm paraphrasing here] that refers to three men who were given talents. One was given five, with which he doubled. Another was given two, with which he doubled. The third was given one, with which he buried and did nothing with. I imagine he saw this talent as not enough, not comparable to others. He didn't take advantage, hone in, or cherish the gift that he was given.

I know that feeling all too well. Most that have come in contact with me know me as a drummer, which I am definitely proud of! Y'all know I love the drums! But I also know there is SO MUCH MORE that I have left buried. This launch represents my shovel plowing into the doubt, the excuses and the self-limitations to dig up these gems that I have neglected for too long.  

To all of you that have been supporting me up to this point, I THANK YOU! With this post, I ask only one thing of you. Hold me accountable! We all need that extra push and God knows I need it every now and again. Gerald Law Music, the relaunch. Go ahead and browse around and check out the new look, straight from the genius my beautiful wife, Yohanna Law. I have some content that I am very excited about coming really soon so, stick around!

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