Look Forward To It


Happy New Year! I entered into 2019 with quite the strut. My wife and I have some awesome plans and projects in the works and *drumrolls* WE’RE EXPECTING OUR FIRST CHILD! Our son is due on January 31 and we’re super excited!

I also stand in this new year with a clearer realization of my value and potential. I started changing some things about my habits and mindset before the change of the year because there was a lot I didn't want to bring over with me. Along with those things that are now left behind (hopefully, never to return) are some exciting experiences ahead! 

If you've been tracking me on Bandsintown, I've updated the structure of my dates and, any and every date you see, is open for you to join me [as it should be]! You can catch me with Renderglow, Nate Mitchell, the Urban Intellectuals, C'Nergy band, and a host of other artists! Keep your eyes open and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop!

REAL QUICK! Click here and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'm taking a shift and featuring more of my own content, digging into this brain of mine and sparking a side that has been dormant for far too long.

If you haven’t already, set some goals for this year and let’s get to work!

- G.