Let it Snow

written and produced by Gerald Law Ii

keys Derrick Harvin

bass LaVon Rushing

percussion Steady Joseph

audio mixed and mastered by John LaRosa

video recorded and edited by Gerald Law

artwork Yohanna Law

arranged and produced by Gerald Law II, Joel Law

vocals Jamiel Law

keyboard/auxiliaries Derrick Harvin

bass Al Castor

drums Gerald Law II

guitar Daniel Howard

mixed and mastered by John LaRosa

artwork Yohanna Law


The Christmas Song


arranged by Gerald Law II, Jameel McKanstry

produced by Gerald Law II

mix/video editing Abnerd Joseph

vocals Joshua Williams, Jameel McKanstry, Abnerd Joseph

keyboard/auxiliaries Derrick Harvin

bass Darrius Jamar

drums Gerald Law II

saxophone Trey Daniels

artwork Yohanna Law

written by Gerald Law II

produced by Gerald Law II, Al Castor

keyboard/organ Joel Law

bass/guitar Al Castor

drums/auxiliaries Gerald Law II

mixed and mastered by Caleb Joel