So Much

Written and Produced by: Gerald Law II

“So Much” is an instrumental song born during the “Gratitude” sessions. The synth melody that drives throughout was the start of what became the fun pop/dance influenced tune.



Written and Produced by: Gerald Law II
Featuring: Jamiel Law

“Gratitude” is inspired by a tradition that Gerald and his wife, Yohanna, started at the beginning of 2018. Each day, they would write something they were grateful for on a small sheet of paper and place it in a jar deemed as their “gratitude jar”. To bring in the new year, they would empty the jar and reflect on all the good the previous year brought.



Written and Produced by: Gerald Law II

“Afloat” is an instrumental song that paints a picture of balance. Sometimes things are smooth and easy, while at other times, we all hit some turmoil or turbulence. This push and pull feeling is displayed throughout the tune.