Gerald is a young talent who is quickly picking up steam in the music community. His grasp of harmony and melody gained from years as a cellist has given him a sense of musicality that became his mark as a drummer.

Gerald’s versatile style of drumming paired with his energetic expressions make him a truly unique asset. As a composer and producer, he is just beginning to spread his wings. The mixture of vibrant instrumental moods along with thoughtful lyrics are shaping his path into songwriting.

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Bachelor of Arts, Jazz Studies
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL


Afloat (single)
Gratitude (single)
So Much (single)


Joe Montelione
Eros: A Concert with Words - 2019

Amanda Lyn
Timeless - 2018

Fiddy Blues
Bad Bad World - 2018

Shinbone Star
Whiskey & Gin - 2017

Alison Sherberg
Beat Stays Strong - 2017

Austin Palmer
Empire Man - 2017

Joel Law
Right There - 2016

Dayve Stewart, Christopher Baptiste
What Christmas Means to Me - 2016

Brian Gaber
Ancestral Waters - 2010